3 great off-roading vehicles might be found in salvage auction

The market is now so full of fuel efficient, 5-star safety rated, modern vehicles that it can be hard to find a good, solid classic. And what happens if you want to relive the good times on the farm and go off-roading in an old, classic, four-wheel-drive? No matter how much you search, it’s potentially difficult to find the perfect off-road vehicle, the one that took to rough ruts like they were nothing, and had so much character that’s lacking from modern day vehicles.
Why not check out a salvage auction and see what you can pick up? After-all, the panels don’t need to be straight, the miles don’t have to be low, and the condition doesn’t have to be perfect.
Pick up your dream off-road vehicle at an even dreamier price!


Below are three great off-roading vehicles to be on the lookout for at salvage auctions.

Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer is a favorite among many Americans looking to get back to nature.
It was the first luxury 4X4 produced for Jeep and was a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) through and through.

The Wagoneer was such a solid, well-constructed and favoured vehicle that only minor changes were ever made during the 28 years in production.

The Wagoneer can proudly boast being the third-longest produced vehicle in United States automotive history. Nowadays, the Wagoneer can be hard to find in certain locations. If you spot one of these at a salvage auction, snap it up!

Ford Bronco in the early years

The Ford Bronco came onto the scene in the early 1960s, ready to tackle the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout head on in the market place as a multi-purpose vehicle.
It came with front bucket seats, a rear bench seat, CB radio, tow bar, tachometer, auxiliary gas tank, snowplow, winch and posthole digger.

You could even opt for aftermarket accessories such as overdrive units, bigger wheels and tires, campers and engine parts for better performance in rougher country.
Nowadays, the Bronco is a highly sought after vehicle, with businesses even seeking out the 1960s-1970s chassis to build from the ground up and sell at a profit.

So if you find a Bronco at a salvage auction, take it home!

1993–1997 Land Rover Defender 110

If you happen to come across the rare and highly sought after Land Rover Defender 110, buy it before someone else does! The name 110, comes from the 110 inch wheelbase of the vehicle which makes it easier to differentiate it from its similar styled counterparts.
The 110 appeals to those who love old Land Rovers and how they were always portrayed in movies with African jungles and safaris.

Great for taking off-road, you could do a lot worse than a Land Rover Defender 110.
It was primarily designed for off-road use, and offered consumers a 3.9L V8 engine with 182HP, aluminium body panels, seating for nine people, front brush guard, rear defroster, tinted glass, roof rack, cassette stereo, ride-leveling suspension and running boards.
Consumers also loved the 110 model for its 5-speed manual transmission and permanent 4-wheel driving capacity.


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