4 reasons why you shouldn’t be concerned about high miles in your vehicle

There’s a common misconception that if a vehicle has high miles, it’s destined for the scrap heap. People believe they will become unreliable, costly, and won’t last the distance. However, with today’s high level of manufacturing, quality control and the endless supply of cost-effective parts, there’s no reason why high miles have to be an issue.

Sure, many years ago this wasn’t the case. Cars became rusty, had irreplaceable parts due to a lack of supply, and businesses specializing in parts weren’t commonplace. Today, however, this has all changed.

  1. Good servicing counts for a lot

If a vehicle has been well maintained and regularly serviced over its lifetime, high miles should not be an issue. Regular servicing ensures the vehicle’s running parts are kept in good condition. When fluid levels and filters are replaced and topped up regularly, it has a flow on effect to the effective running of an engine, and the reliability of the car overall. Many people run into problems when they don’t keep their filters clean and their oil regularly changed.

  1. Good brands are proving they stand the test of time

There was a time where particular vehicle models were a constant source of drama for their owners.

There are now so many reliable brands in America and throughout the world, and many of them are reaching extremely high miles before needing replacement parts. TV shows are even jumping on the bandwagon to portray the longevity of vehicles, with a good example being BBC’s Top Gear with a Toyota Hilux withstanding a severe level of wear and tear. Reliable brands such as Ford also offer top quality servicing which ensure your vehicle lasts for many years and many miles on the road.

  1. Cost-effective parts

Many years ago the majority of automotive parts were handmade. This caused problems with consistency, parts fitting correctly and of course the high costs associated with making them. Now, we are surrounded by machine manufactured parts that fit each model perfectly. Each part is an exact replica of the previous one made on the production line. There are less man hours, less labour, and more consistency. This equates to a lower cost for parts. Parts wear out, but they are now so much more available and cost-effective those high miles, in general, no longer matter.

  1. Diagnostic testing

Technology has come a long way since the automobile’s inception. What normally would be reason enough to break a vehicle up for scrap is now easily diagnosed and repaired through technology. Many modern vehicles even now come with on-board diagnostic systems. These talk to the diagnostic scanning equipment at many repair stores and come up with any issues or faults the vehicle may have.

The most up-to-date equipment will even give you a list of codes to research to show the exact problem your vehicle may be having. So even if your car has high miles, problems can be easily and quickly rectified. Less labour means more money in your back pocket.


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