Benefits of Buying From a Third Party

Seller (Like Craigslist)

Whether you’re buying your first car, or buying your 100th, acquiring a new vehicle is always exciting. There are numerous ways of doing this, from getting a family hand me down, to getting a brand new car straight from the dealer. This can be rather pricey, however, and family doesn’t always have an extra car to gift. Buying from a third party seller eliminates the need for drawing up dealership contracts, and it will knock quite a bit off the price.

Craigslist is usually the go to place for buying cars from a third party seller, but sometimes you’ll get lucky and find some up for sale just sitting around town.

It Will be Cheaper

Even used cars bought from a dealership will be more expensive than cars sold by owner. Even if identical cars are being sold, buying one from a dealer will almost always be around 10-20% more expensive. This is because dealerships sell “certified pre owned” cars, versus regular used cars. Certified pre owned means the vehicle has been inspected, refurbished (if necessary) and then certified by a manufacturer or other company that’s qualified to certify a vehicle. Though means you may be purchasing a safer buy, because there shouldn’t be any hidden problems, it can raise the price by a surprising amount. Instead, you could get a used vehicle inspected before you buy for typically around $100-$200.

Ever notice that dealership cars tend to look better overall? That’s due to the fact that dealerships refurbish and detail their cars. This means they take the time to carefully wash, polish, and buff the exterior of their cars, making them look much nicer. However, this causes the vehicles to be a lot pricier, and the only benefit is that the exterior looks nicer. With a hose, some time, and a $10 bottle of polish, you can achieve that same new car shine for a fraction of the cost.

It Will Save You some Time

Forget all those contracts and documents that seem to take hours to sign. If you’re like me, you probably won’t even take the time to read over what it says, which means you don’t even know what you’re signing for. Dealerships frequently have hidden costs and requirements that they don’t discuss with you up front, and after you’ve signed, you’re stuck. When buying a car directly from the owner, all you need to do is bring the money, sign the car’s title, and you’re good to go! Granted, you’ll have to deal with the licensing and insurance aspect, but most of it can be done over the phone, and the title transfer only takes around 15 minutes on a non-busy day.

And the best part, no hidden fees or contracts! You can buy cars directly from the owner off of websites like craigslist, or you can drive around town and find some cars for sale. Many people park cars that they’re selling in spots where many people will be able to see them, and put contact information, as well as information about the car and price. These people will meet with you, and if you like it, bring some cash and it’s yours. It’s as simple as that.

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