Finding the Right Salvage Auction

Whether you want to find a salvage auction to buy a car for parts or you’re looking for a new vehicle to use on a daily basis, there are some things to keep in mind to find the right auction to fit your needs.

Search Around

Searching for salvage auctions in and around your city will likely bring up a few viable results. In some cases, you’ll be able to see a few pictures of some of the cars that have been sold at previous auctions. You can also look for private sellers that have salvage cars that are priced well. Be sure to get photographs of these vehicles as well, as well as details about the vehicle’s issues and repair needs. This will help you decide if the purchase is actually worth it. There are also dealerships that only sell vehicles with salvage titles, and you can contact towing companies in your area to see if there are unclaimed cars there for sale.


In some cases, friends, family or coworkers can help you find the right salvage auction, especially if you know that one or more of these individuals have recently purchased a used vehicle from a salvage auction. Getting in the car and checking out the interior, and even asking to go for a spin could give you an idea of what to expect when you attend an upcoming auction.

Asking the Right Questions

Once you are referred to the right salvage auctions, remember that you don’t have to buy at the first auction you attend. Go to a few events until you see vehicles that you’d actually be satisfied driving. If you see something you want to purchase, don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about the vehicle. You can inquire about the type of damage the car has sustained, and you can check to see if the vehicle has been through a flood or fire. If the car has already been partially or completely repaired, you can ask to see pictures of the damage before the repair. This will give you an idea of the work you may have to put into maintaining the vehicle.

You can search through CARFAX or similar entities to get more information on the car’s history, but this can be limited at times. It’s best to get a thorough inspection done on the car before leaving the auction.


There are also organizations you can register with to gain access to high-quality salvage auto auctions. You may have to pay a fee to gain access to all the cars the organization has to offer, and this fee can be used as part of your down payment. If you’re accessing the salvage auction online, it’s still a good idea to get as many pictures as possible and to ask the seller in-depth questions that will let you know whether the purchase is worthwhile for you.

These are just some of the ways you can find the right salvage auction and purchase the right car once you arrive. You can also talk to your mechanic or a used car lot nearby to get information on upcoming auctions for salvage vehicles.



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