How to Successfully Bid At Salvage Auctions

After attending a few salvage auctions, you likely know a few tips and tricks for finding the vehicle(s) you want in a short amount of time. Here are some suggestions for making successful bids.


Getting registered with the right salvage auction houses will make it significantly easier to find vehicles in your region. This way, you can decide whether you want to place your bid online or in person. You’ll likely be exposed to hundreds of cars that are available, and while this can be pretty exciting, it’s important to do some research before deciding on a purchase. Some auctions will also require you to purchase a deposit for full bidding privileges and in some cases, the registration fee that you pay for access to the vehicles for sale will work the same way as a deposit. As a public buyer, you’ll be able to bid on vehicles that are marked “public” and have a salvage title. However, this doesn’t mean that the titles for these cars have been cleared. Most of the time, automobiles with a cleared title that are for auction at a salvage yard are only available to dealers.

Bidding on the Salvage Car You Want

The bidding process for salvage vehicles is actually pretty easy. If you’re new to salvage auctions, it may be best to bid online first, so you can forego the chaos that is sometimes a part of live auctions. If you have time to go over your bid in a quiet environment, you’ll be less likely to make a mistake.

If you attend a salvage auction in person, remember that more than likely, you won’t be able to drive your car off the lot when you win the vehicle. You’ll have to make arrangements for the car to be shipped to your home, a used car dealership or an auto body shop. For this reason, most salvage auctions offer you the option to transport and ship the car. This applies to online salvage auctions as well. For an extra fee, the auction house will connect your vehicle to a trailer and deliver it to the address you provide.

Clear Title Cars

If you’re tempted to bid on a car at a salvage auction that has a clear title, this is likely a bad idea. Chances are the car was granted a clear title by the dealer, but still have repair issues that are severe enough for the vehicle to be sold at a salvage auction. If you see a car with a clear title and observe that there are damages to the car that may be due to fire or flood, inquire about this before making your bid. There’s a good chance these vehicles will cost more to fix than they are actually worth.


After The Bid

Once your salvage automobile is delivered to you, keep track of all the paperwork associated with the purchase. You’ll have to document all the things you did to repair the car before you get drive it again legally.


Happy auctioning!

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