Finding Luxury Cars at Salvage Auctions

Salvage auctions are often the best places to find affordable cars that are suitable for short commutes. However, there are also auctions that offer salvage luxury cars that you can purchase for significantly less than you’d be able to find on a traditional car lot. If you’ve been dreaming of driving a high-end car but don’t want to deal with the extremely high price tags of these automobiles, a salvage auction could be the solution. Here are some practical tips for finding the right luxury car at an auction and ensuring that the vehicle is in great condition before leaving the lot.

Test the Dipsticks

Pull out the dipsticks of all the salvage luxury cars you’re interested in. The stick should be clean and clear, and this is a sign that the car has been maintained well, even if the vehicle was in an accident or was totaled previously. Clear dipsticks will also let you know that you won’t have to worry about oil or transmission fluid leaks, and these issues could be pretty expensive, especially when it comes to luxury cars.

Check the VIN

When you see a luxury car you want, copy the VIN from the windshield. Check the car to see if the VIN is displayed again, such as on the trunk or the door. If the VINs don’t match, this could be a sign that the car had to be reassembled with other auto parts and was involved in a major accident. It may not be a good idea to purchase this car, since you’ll likely have to spend lots of time and money making repairs to the luxury vehicle.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

A shiny coat or a new paint job may be initially appealing. Salvage auctions will present cars in the best light possible, so that you’ll be intrigued and make a purchase. However, when it comes to salvage luxury cars, you should be extra cautious if you see a vehicle that looks too good. Ask all the questions you need to in order to feel secure about buying the car. Get all the details about the real condition of the car so you’ll have realistic expectations about operating the car once you take it from the auction.

Be Honest

Even though you may be excited about the idea or purchasing a luxury car at a salvage auction, be truthful about whether or not you have the time or money to invest in a car. Once you know all the repairs and additional costs that are required for the luxury vehicle to be in working order, figure out how much of your car repair budget will be used for making the car function at its best, and make your decision accordingly.


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