Salvage Automobiles: Which Repairs Are Worth It?

If you’re interested in getting your next automobile from a salvage auction, it’s important to be prepared to spend money on repairs once you drive the car away from the auction site. However, some repairs are well worth it, considering the price you pay for the salvage car. There are also some repairs that are much too expensive, and you’ll end up spending way more money than the car is actually worth once you get it in working order. These tips will help you determine which salvage repairs are worthwhile.

Consider Your Commute

If you’re looking at salvage cars because you want a decent automobile for work, it’s best to think about the effect the commute will have on your car before committing to salvage repairs. For instance, if you notice that the car doesn’t run that well, and you have to travel more than 45 minutes to work each day, it’s best to choose another vehicle. Ask the seller about problems with the alternator or transmission, so you’ll know if the car requires expensive repairs to run at its best.

Think About the Climate

The climate in your area can also help you decide if you should spend money on salvage repairs. If you find a vehicle for a good price that seems to be in decent condition, make the air conditioner and/or heating system work properly so you can drive comfortably. This is especially important if you live in very warm weather and want to make sure that you and your family members don’t overheat while in the car, or you live in a cold climate and need to keep warm while driving. It’s best to make sure that the internal parts of the car don’t affect the heating and cooling system, and that the windows work properly as well, so you can maintain the proper temperature in the car at all times.


Once you decide that you want to buy a salvage car, be sure to perform the park test. Take the vehicle to a clean area and park it for a few minutes. Check to make sure there is no leakage on the parking spot. If you see liquid collecting under the car, this could be a sign of an oil leak. The leak could also be radiator fluid. These problems are sometimes affordable and feasible to fix. Just be sure to ask the seller if the leaks are signs of bigger repair issues.

It’s also a good idea to get as much information as you can from the seller. He/she may be reluctant to divulge details if the car has been in a terrible accident. Be sure ask whether the car has been in a collision or flood, or if the vehicle has sustained any fire damage. You can also take salvage cars for test drives. Be sure to switch to all the gears while operating the vehicle and listen for any strange noises. This can give you an indication of how the actual condition of the car, and will help you decide if you should invest in salvage repairs.


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