Selling Your Salvage Car

If you’re selling your salvage car, keep in mind that you may run into some challenges during the selling process. There are a few things you may have to do to ensure that the salvage vehicle sale will be successful. Here are a few of the ways you can prepare your car to be sold to a new owner.

Contacting a Salvage Yard

A salvage yard near you may be holding an auction soon, or you can contact an online auction site that specializes in salvage vehicle sales. Describe the make and model of your car, and be honest additional accidents the car has been in since you purchased it. It’s also a good to let auction facilitators see any paperwork you have pertaining to repairs you’ve paid for or regular maintenance you’ve done on the car. This could make the car more appealing to potential buyers. Since salvage cars aren’t Blue Book-listed, buyers need to know that they’re making a good investment if they decide to purchase your vehicle.

Update Your Title

Once a car is considered a salvage vehicle, the classification is permanent. Even if you’ve gotten the car repaired and it’s in good working order, the title of the car will have a “rebuilt” notification, but the vehicle will still be a salvage car. This automatically means that you’ll need to request a lower price for the car. Emphasize to potential buyers that the car has been thoroughly inspected and that you’ve experienced very little problems with it to increase the chances that someone will purchase it soon.

Get the Right Insurance

Getting insurance for your salvage car can be pretty difficult. Not many insurance companies want to give you an insurance policy for your automobile, because the car’s condition makes it a liability. If you get into an accident, it will be very difficult for the insurance company to determine if the damage is from the most recent accident or a previous collision.  It’s easier for you to get insurance for your salvage vehicle if you already have a car that is insured by the company you’re interested in. So if you sell the car to a new buyer, encourage him/her to get insurance by a company he/she has already worked with. Of course, if the car is in decent condition, it will be easier to get an insurance policy.

Price It Right

Finally, make sure that you’ve priced the car appropriately. A salvage vehicle sale may be difficult because people are going to be skeptical about the overall condition of the car, but they want to save money, which is why they’re considering the purchase in the first place. Of course, you want to make a bit of a profit, but you also want to price the car reasonably so you’ll get a few potential buyers. Take a look at used cars that are similar to the make and model of your salvage vehicle to get an idea of how to price the vehicle, but consider the repairs that are still needed for the car and the work you’ve already put into the automobile to come up with a selling price that is fair and appealing.



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