5 ways to drive more fuel efficiently

You’ve found the car of your dreams, the one you’ve been trying to find your entire driving life. It’s a dream come true, and you’ve purchased it for a great price from a salvage auction.

So far, so good, all that’s left to do is get it ready for the road and finally drive it as your daily vehicle like you’ve always wanted.

But there’s one catch, it may not be the most fuel efficient vehicle, so you need to make it so!

Just because it doesn’t rate highly as a fuel efficient vehicle, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt new behaviours to save more fuel.

Below are five ways you can save fuel when driving that dream car.

Check your tires

When you’ve decided to get your new salvage vehicle ready for the road, careful consideration should be paid to the tires. Firstly, you should opt for tires that work well with your car.

Some tires are too big or too small for vehicles. Drop by a tire store and see what they have available. You can also buy special fuel efficient tires which don’t have to work as hard as regular tires. Once you’ve got the tires on your new salvage vehicle, check the tire pressure.

Low tire pressure can make your vehicle work overtime to resist road imperfections. By working harder, it is using more fuel. It also impacts braking and handling. Check your pressures monthly and ensure your wheels are properly aligned.

Reduce your load

As a rule of thumb, heavier vehicles do consume more fuel. If that salvage vehicle of your dreams is a little on the heavier side, consider taking unnecessary items out.

This may include roof racks, cycle racks, items out of the trunk, booster seats when not in use and any unnecessary items you may be lugging around.

This will mean your vehicle isn’t working as hard and will help reduce fuel consumption.

Plan your journey for ‘off peak’ times

There are certain times of the day when driving through inner cities is a nightmare. You could be idling in traffic, sitting at traffic lights, and waiting at intersections.

By avoiding those peak times, you can reduce idling time and in return, save fuel.

Peak times include 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm. These are peak times for those making the journey to and from work, out for lunch, and doing the school pick up. Why not leave five minutes earlier or later from work? Why not walk to get lunch instead of drive?

Accelerate smoothly

You may be excited by your new salvage vehicle and want to show it off to the world by revving the engine and speeding. Avoid it where possible. By sticking to the speed limit, accelerating smoothly when taking off and navigating corners without too much initial braking into the corner and acceleration out, you can save a lot of fuel.

Your car may not be the most fuel efficient, but it can be dramatically increased by driving sensibly. Get from A to B and enjoy the ride along the way.

Offset fuel costs with regular maintenance

There can be nothing more costly than a repair bill for something that could have been avoided through proper maintenance and care.

Although your fuel costs for fuel efficiently may be more than the average vehicle driver, you can help offset them by ensuring no major repairs will need to take place because of poor servicing.

Change your oil and air filters regularly, and keep your engine tuned.




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