Targeted Salvage – Which Car Manufacturers Hold their Value in the Used Market?

There is no doubt that there are some great bargains to be had at car salvage sales, and a pre-owned vehicle can prove to be an excellent investment. On the other hand, purchasing the wrong vehicle can bring with is a whole range of headaches – not to mention burning a hole in your bank account!  [ Targeted Salvage ]

if you are mechanically mined then, of course, it will probably be easier for you to pick through the options at a car salvage sale and be able to find the best quality bargains. If you are not though, or even if you are, there are a few golden rules to follow that can help you, and one of the most important rules to remember is that not all cars are created equal!

In fact, selecting the right car brand can be tone of the most important aspect of buying a pre-owned vehicle.

Here are some suggestions for car brands to look out for, based on their reliability ratings as calculated by research conducted by J.D Power (whose studies are used  to create the best car lists by U.S. News).


So why don’t we start at the top? Lexus is rated as the producing the most reliable cars, according to J.D Power at least. Yes, cars produced by the Japanese luxury car maker are definitely going to be at the higher end of the lot prices – but at least you can near enough guarantee that you are buying quality if you splash the cash on a Lexus.


Second on the list, and probably a car brand that no one is surprised to see making it onto this list! The German company have a reputation for producing fast, sport cars but they are also very reliable. Therefore buying a Porsche, whilst it may dent your budget initially, will provide a vehicle that holds it’s value well, and will likely not require expensive repairs as the years pass.


Porsche’s German stable mate joins them on the list, to the surprise of no one. Whilst Porsche may have the reputation of making fun, small cars then Mercedes reputation is definitely built on a different kind of perception! High quality in both build and finish (include a wealth of innovative gadgets) means that Mercedes are both desirable and reliable cars – making them a great investment that will hold their value well In a pre-owned market.


The first domestic car brand to make the reliability charts, and it may be a bit of a surprise to some. However according to J.D Power, Buick cars are exceptionally reliable – especially when compared to other American brands. Therefore if you want to buy American whilst purchasing a brand that will keep it’s value in the pre-owned market then take a look at the selection of Buick models available at your local car salvage.

Of course, just the badge on the hood is not a guarantee that the car you are looking at is a sound investment. But by gravitating toward one of the brands above, you are certainly giving yourself a better chance of finding a vehicle with the reliability to provide excellent value throughout it’s lifespan.

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