What’s the impact of buying a salvaged cars

Buying salvaged car is very cheap and often results in great profit. But there are always pros and cons of buying a salvaged car. Risks are high in buying salvaged cars. Here we are going to discuss avoid the jeopardy of buying salvaged cars.

The impact of buying salvaged cars

Tricky damages:

There may be some tricky damages in a salvaged car that can’t be identified and even some hidden damages may hit the car badly which can be located rarely. Flood and fire damage make some hidden hit which makes it harder to know what exactly need to be done to bring back the car in normal or drivable condition.

Possibility of poor performance:

There is always some worry of poor performance. Even the car is repaired and drivable but it has no warranty or guarantee of performance. As the quality of some parts are uncertain to determine, facing maintenance issues are very common.

Know the difference between a salvage title and rebuilt title:

The difference between a salvage title and a rebuilt title is, a car gets salvage title when it’s damaged by accidents, fire, flood, cyclone or any other natural disaster and it gets rebuilt title when the salvaged car is repaired.

Fraud report regarding salvaged vehicle:

Sellers often take the shelter of fraud report to make a misrepresentation on salvaged car to make an impression on buyers. You have a very few possibility to know or justify the report that ends up in a high risk without acknowledgment.

Difficulties in insurance:

It’s hard to insure a salvaged or damaged car and insurance of salvaged damaged car varies from state to state.

No warranty, No guarantee:

Buying a salvaged car won’t give you any warranty or free service facility. In long term basis, the money you have saved by buying a salvaged car may used in repairing or servicing it in its lifetime.

Resale value:

There is almost no resale value for a salvaged car. The problem in buying a salvaged car is it’s yours forever. If you want to change the car model, buy a new one or replace the old one, selling salvaged car with a rebuilt title is very hard to sell and it’s a rare case to sell a rebuilt car after having a use of it.


Registering salvaged car differs from state to state. In some states, a license or confirmation from automobile shop or repairing shop is enough and in other states a police verification and inspection is required before driving the car.


Safety is an issue that shouldn’t be compromised. While driving a salvaged car it’s like you are rolling dice! As it’s been damaged previously, you will not have a transparent idea on your car.

So, after having all these discussion, I hope you will find the jeopardy of buying a salvaged title car. But not all the cases are same. You can find a diamond in ashes! That’s right. Buying salvaged car saves a lot of money that can be used for others but these facts must be considered before buying a salvaged car.

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