5 ways to remove minor scratches from your car’s paintwork

When you’ve finally got your salvage vehicle back on the road, it’s time to look at those final finishing touches. Of course, some panels won’t be perfect, but by removing those fine scratches you can having them looking a lot better than they were.

Below are some quick and easy methods for removing minor scratches from your salvage vehicle.


Toothpaste is a great product for removing those fine scratches from your vehicle. Not only is it great for your teeth, but it’s also good for your car because it has abrasive components naturally. It works by erasing and blending in those fine scratches until they no longer stand out.
Start by cleaning the scratch and surrounding panel, and apply a small blob of toothpaste to the scratch. Buff it in circular motions with a microfiber cloth, and then wipe clean with another soft cloth. Repeat the process until the scratch is removed.

Candle wax

If you’re looking for a short term fix before you can get your salvage vehicle into a repair shop, candle wax is the answer. It doesn’t remove the scratches but it covers them up and seals the area to temporarily prevent further damage and/or rust. Simply rub a candle or the wax onto the damaged area. You will notice the scratch becomes faded and/or less visible as well as giving it a ‘waxy’ coat for protection.

Turtle Wax – Scratch & Swirl Remover

Turtle Wax is a high quality product with a small product, and it’s recommended for small imperfections, scratches and swirl marks.
Turtle Wax Scratch & Swirl Remover has ultra-fine polishing agents which work by smoothing away imperfections. It leaves a nice, high gloss and is safe for surrounding clearcoat. Before you apply this product, wash and dry your car. You can then pour Turtle Wax onto a damp cloth and rub on the affected area. Buff it with a microfiber cloth to remove the scratches.

Nail polish

Nail polish is not suitable for all scratches, all vehicles and all colors, but if you need a quick fix with a great result, give nail polish a go. Nail polish doesn’t remove scratches, but it does cover them up. Raid your own – or your partner’s dresser for a great color matching option. Gently apply in fine strokes to cover the scratch.

Wet Sanding

If you’re wanting to put a little bit more time and effort into fixing the scratches on your salvage vehicle, look into wet sanding. The process is simple, yet so effective.
Sand the jagged, scratched surface with high-grit sandpaper of around 2000grit. Wet the sandpaper in water and gently sand along the length of the scratch. The scratches will eventually fade away to nothing. If you’re unsure about whether you can do this confidently for a great result, talk to your local automotive specialist to see what they would recommend.

Note: some of these methods may not be effective for removing/hiding scratches on certain colored vehicles. Consult a specialist to see what they advise, or simply have a professional undertake an effective method of removing the scratches permanently.


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