Cars are necessities in almost every part of the world at this time and age. With all things put in place to support its existence and make its usage easier. Almost every public and private building includes in its structure spaces for parking of cars. As with any commodity that has become a must have the car market is booming. And as with any booming market there has been revolutions and innovations due to the constant presence of serious competition. Sales of cars has gone online and individuals from any part of the world can purchase cars from all other parts. This revolution has gone further to affect all other related sections such as sales of spare parts and sales of public salvage cars.

What is a salvage car?

A car is considered salvage if it cannot be economically returned to its original state both aesthetically and mechanically after a damage has occurred. In other words if I insure my car and I get into an accident with it. After proper investigation by the insurance company and I am found not guilty and worthy to receive remunerations and the cost of repair is valued at say GBP15, but the car was valued at say GBP8, the insurance company would opt to pay GBP8 and cut their losses rather than repair the car. Even if the car was not insured, and i as an individual decide that it is more economical the car be sold instead of repaired then the car is also considered salvage. However it is pertinent that the salvage state of the car should be disclosed to the buyer at any point before payment is made as failure to do this is criminal in some states.

It is also pertinent to state here that in some cases even after repair, reliability and longevity of the car can be affected.

So if you want to buy a public salvage car what should you expect?

As explained above, the cars are clearly no longer in their manufactured states and as a result you should expect them to be way cheaper than their new or somewhat normal but used counterparts.

With what has been said above one would be tempted to ask the question “why then buy a car tagged salvage?”

Relax, first you should not always believe what the insurance company says (just had to say that),

Second you should know that when it comes to mechanical repairs, the repairers charge organizations more for minor repairs and since they do not possess your kind of bargaining power (believe me they don’t, maybe because the delegates they send don’t really care about the car like you would), they just look at the numbers on paper then make their decisions. Thereby condemning good cars, a lot of them actually, to the “salvage market”.

Now you know you can venture into this market with hope of getting something good for a relative token.

Now comes the big question of shipping. What does it really cost? And is it really worth it?

Well before we answer that let me state to you that making profit in the business of buying and reselling salvage cars is an art that can be learnt and improved on with practice as with every other art. There is a little problem with the title “salvage”. You will find that nowadays cars that have not been in any accidents at all but whose paintings have been indirectly affected probably by smoke can be given such titles. Used cars with mild dents have also been tagged same. And these cars are online, auctioned every day in all parts of the world. When savage cars are sold to a mechanic who pays no one to repair and only spends money on spare parts or not at all, who then resells such cars after repairs at full price then he will be making a fortune. Well if he buys it from a local dealer he has low shipping fee to worry about. If he buys it online from a country not too far away he can still make good money from the full price at the end of the day.

Now if you are not a mechanic and cannot even hold a wrench properly, do not fret.

What you have to do is open your eyes, look for the not so damaged car, be quick to place your order but do not overbid, do not buy from countries too far from yours as distance most times is directly proportional to shipping costs. Finally have your own mechanic who does all of you repairs and knows his onion. If assured of more jobs he would do the jobs at the least possible prices.

Yes I understand the art and I can tell you that public salvage cars are cheap even after considering the shipping cost.

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