How the Salvage Car Industry is good for the environment

The thing about cars is that no matter how passionately we love them and how useful they are, there is no doubt about the fact that they have been bad for the environment. That having been said the future of the car industry is not really as bleak as some might imagine it to be.

This is because the automobile industry has long been engaged in a clean-up act. The emissions standards have been made progressively stringent and hybrid and electric vehicles are fast gaining in mass appeal. Then there has also been a lot of work done in the way cars are recycled.

Salvaging Cars Reduces Environmental Pollution

Every time a car is salvaged and saved from dismantling at the junk yard there is that much less chance of dangerous pollutants being released into the atmosphere. Besides, by enabling people to use existing cars, there is a reduction in pollution on account of one new car less being manufactured and sold.

The better the car salvage industry gets at restoring old junked cars, the less clutter and pollution there is at car scrap yards. In the US for instance, recycling prevented 25 million tons of material from ending up at land fill sites.

The fact of the matter is that most industries pollute to some degree and it is incumbent upon all of us to reduce the impact of that pollution and make efforts to try and reduce the pollution at the source. The automobile industry with all the bad press it has received in the last few decades has pulled all stops in addressing this vital issue.

Salvaging cars though not that much in the public eye and certainly nowhere as glamorous as an electric car project are more than doing their bit to stop the negative impact of the automobile industry on the environment. If they are able to restore cars that were going to be junked and keep them in running condition they gave stopped these vehicles from adding to the load in junk yards.

Absence of Car Salvage Industry Would Be Very Bad For Environment

Secondly even in the case where the car cannot be restored, the usable parts of it can be stripped off and out to use.  As a matter of fact if there were no vehicle salvage you can imagine the kind of havoc that would have been wreaked on the environment. There are ecofriendly junkyards that ensure that whatever can be salvaged from a car will be and nothing is sent to the landfills.

What is heartening is the fact that there is great awareness in the automobile industry about the need to save the environment and take all the necessary steps to achieve that end. In many ways the automobile industry is in fact leading the charge in terms of being responsible toward the environment if we go by the number of measures  the industry has taken, as also the innovative ways in which it has deployed technology to achieve this end.

In fact theirs is a template of how industry, even those thought of as major polluters can step forward and not only change perceptions, but also find solutions.

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