Why It Is Better to Have Salvage Cars Inspected at Repair Facilities

People who would like to buy a salvage title car have two main options when it comes to having that car inspected by a mechanic. They can either go with the mechanic to the place where the car is located, such as the auction yard, or they can take the car to the auto repair shop for an inspection. Each option has its pros and cons. This article discusses some of the benefits of taking the car to the auto shop for inspection.

Access to Proper Equipment

A lot is riding on the information that will be gathered by the mechanic during the inspection of the salvage car. It is therefore appropriate that your mechanic should not rely on his/her eyes alone while inspecting the vehicle. Taking the car to the repair shop can allow the mechanic to use different tools and equipment to inspect the vehicle.

For example, he or she can raise the vehicle on a car lift in order to inspect its underside. He or she can also attach computer diagnostic equipment in order to identify any error codes that could have been generated by the different vehicle systems during the accident that caused the vehicle to get the salvage title. It will therefore be possible for the mechanic to give you a comprehensive inspection report. Doing the inspection at the auction yard or wherever the salvage car is located denies the mechanic access to his or her tools of the trade.

Minimal Distractions

Conducting a thorough car inspection requires concentrated effort. For example, the mechanic may have to check the major components of the electrical system, such as the control modules for the lights and the power doors. An auto repair shop provides the best environment for reducing the possible distractions during this inspection exercise. This is unlike what is likely to happen when you go with the mechanic to the salvage car yard where other people may be viewing the car while your mechanic is conducting an inspection. Such distractions can make it hard for a comprehensive inspection to be done.

You Can Reflect

Another added benefit of taking the car to the auto repair shop for an inspection is that it buys you time to think about your options before you commit to buying the car. It can be hard to make the best decisions when you are surrounded by car salespeople and other potential buyers. For example, you may be unable to estimate the correct price of the car if the salesperson is nudging you to make a decision. Being away at the repair shop during the car inspection can allow you to think clearly about how you should proceed.

As you can see from the discussion above, you are better off taking the salvage car to an auto repair facility for inspection instead of asking the mechanic to accompany you when you go to view the salvage car. However, it may not always be possible to remove the car and take it for inspection. In such a case, ask your mechanic to check the most important vehicle systems so that you can have an assessment of how damaged the car is before you buy it.


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