Top 5 Used Car Myths That Aren’t True

There are so many myths that surround used cars. Although most of them seem outrageous, there are some that appear to hold some weight or truth in them. But the truth is that they wouldn’t be called myths if they held any iota of truth, they would have been called facts. So, since they are called myths, here are the most common 5 used car myths that appear to be true but are actually very untrue.


Used Car Myth #1: They Aren’t Reliable

Manufacturers build their cars to last nowadays. Advances in automotive and machinery design, as well as innovative engine technologies now enable cars to survive way beyond the 250,000-kilometer mark. Remember that a vehicle must be properly cared for if it’s to stand any test of time. This includes constant oil changes, day-to-day upkeep, and general maintenance.


Used Car Myth #2: You Have No Way of Knowing Whether It Is a Lemon

Actually, there are various ways by which you can safeguard yourself from buying a lemon. They include;

  1. CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) Cars: These are used cars with a requirement of meeting particular criteria before being qualified as CPO. Car dealerships assess them, execute refurbishment, and get them covered with a genuine after-manufacturer warranty.
  2. Extended Warranties: This could cover your used car for extra kilometers outside the one that’s in the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. Vehicle History Report: By finding your car’s VIN number, you will certainly see whether it has ever been involved in an accident and the seriousness of the collision.

Used Car Myth #3: Used Cars Guzzle Gas



With proper maintenance, your used car’s general value can last. Features like safety, fuel economy, space, reliability, and appearance are maintained for long. Properly maintained cars maintain their value which helps in maintaining their resale value relatively high. If you decide to sell the used car you have maintained properly over the course of your own ownership after a few years, you might get the ability to trade it in or selling it for an excellent chunk of money. Also, consider the truth that you are, in the first place, paying a little less for the used car you are buying. Therefore, in order to recoup part of your costs or ‘save face’, you aren’t going to need any return that’s as big as what you paid.


Used Car Myth #5: There’s No Way of Knowing How the Car Has Been Looked After

Again, this is basically untrue. All certified mechanics are able to tell how well any car has been treated through the course of its life. When any initial owner disregards trouble signs, misses oil changes or overlooks taking the car to normal maintenance appointments, a qualified mechanic will certainly know within minutes of setting eyes on the car.


Nowadays, you should have no reason for being afraid of buying a used vehicle. At least that should never happen when you are buying from dealers in Manitoba, Canada. For any used vehicle you buy from the progressive dealerships, you are provided with its vehicle history report at no extra cost whatsoever, and an about 140-point-inspection that details full visual and mechanical inspection executed by a technician that’s certainly factory certified. You also get a 5000KM/3 month warranty and several other guaranteed advantages.



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