5 Questions to Ask Previous Buyers About Salvage Cars

Do you want to identify the best dealership from which to buy salvage cars? Read on and discover some of the helpful questions that you should ask previous customers about their experience with the dealership where you want to buy a salvage car from.

  1. Who Was Instrumental in Selecting Vehicles?

It is good to find out whether the staff at the dealership allowed the clients to express their interest in particular cars or the dealership tried to direct the buyers towards certain cars. Dealerships that allow you to select the cars that you want to view are better because they are driven by a desire to help you to get what you want. Avoid dealerships whose staff try to steer their potential customers towards cars that the dealers have selected.

  1. Was The Dealership Helpful or Pushy?

It is also helpful for you to establish whether the previous customers found the staff at the dealership helpful or unnecessarily pushy and aggressive. Opt for dealerships where the personnel are described as helpful. Such dealerships will do everything in their power to find a salvage car that will address your needs.

  1. Did You Receive Free Vehicle Reports?

Some dealerships avail free history reports on various vehicles to clients. Others let the clients obtain those reports on their own and at their expense. Vehicle history reports can help potential buyers to get accurate information about the condition of the vehicle. Having to pay for those reports can increase the total cost of buying the salvage car. You should therefore try to identify dealerships that offer these reports free of charge so that you can make an informed decision when selecting a car to buy.

  1. How Was the Price Determined?

You should also ask the past clients of the dealership about how the final price for the salvage cars they bought were agreed upon. Sellers can place a non-negotiable price for each car or they can let the buyer negotiate with the dealership until they arrive at a mutually acceptable price. Each option has its own pros and cons. For example, paying a preset price can save you time, but you could pay more than you would have paid if you had the opportunity to haggle. Select a dealership whose pricing model matches what you are comfortable with.

  1. Was Financing Help Offered?

It is usually harder to get financing for a salvage car when compared to cars without branded titles. Find out whether the previous clients received any help towards getting some form of financing for the car purchase. Narrow down your options of dealerships to those with a history of helping buyers to get financing if you do not want to use cash to buy a salvage car.

You can learn a lot about a dealership by talking to its previous clients. Ask the dealership for the contacts of some of its past clients in case you do not have anyone in your immediate circle who did business with a given dealership. Ask those people as many questions as you can so that you are adequately prepared when you go to make your purchase.





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