Inquiries to Make While Purchasing a Tractor at Salvage Auctions?

Like others, you always try to buy something with low price in a good condition. For example, you want to purchase a tractor. To determine its condition, you must inquire of information which will tell you that the tractor is in good condition and you can buy it with low price. Your research and cautious inquiry will bring you the benefit. But sometimes you may face a different scenario− you have bought the tractor but after using it for some days, it is not working well. This fact will certainly torment you both mentally and socio-economically. It is important to consider some matters while purchasing a tractor at salvage auction. Before purchasing the tractor at any salvage auction, you must have some inquiries to get ensured the vehicle is in good condition.

Inquiries to Make While Purchasing a Tractor at Salvage Auctions?

You must know a tractor is not only a necessity for a farmer, it is a necessary item to anyone who needs to do any kind of works including tilling, ploughing, or large lawn caring works. As an auction item is of usually totaled, you must know about some essential factors. Among these factors, you have to be careful to verify the tractor’s weight, size, horsepower, and lift capacity etc. Another important factor is to verify its terrain on which the tractor will use and what type of work to be carried out by it. So you must check the following factors carefully:

Horsepower: You should verify this factor as the horsepower of a tractor helps you deduce its size.

Types of Tractor: Generally, you will see four categories of tractors as follows:

  • Compact tractors: These are ideal for all-around small acreage chores. The fuel capacity of these tractors is 6-8 gallons.
  • Utility Tractor: This type of tractor is equipped with a 20-30 gallon of fuel tank.
  • Mid-size or acreage tractors are easy to operate.
  • Lawn and Garden: When you want to buy this type of tractor, check that it has a 2-3 gallon of fuel tank as well as Power Take Off. Garden tractors come with a fuel capacity of 5-6 gallons.

Size and Type of the Property: Size and Type of the Property of the truck that you are buying must be taken into consideration. A tractor is used depending on its size & type of property. Regular tractors have their capacity of at least 5 acres of farmland which is minimum expectation of the ideal farmers. On the other hand, the capacity of a normal garden tractor is less than 5 acres.

Lift Capacity and Loader: The lift capacity can be measured in different ways: static lift capacity, pivot pin capacity, and lift arm capacity. You have to consider the cycle time along with the lift capacity of a loader.

Farm Tractor: A Farm Tractor must have its capacity of carrying up to 300 gallons of fuel. Depending on its brand, the tractor may have a sound system, power seat with multiple adjustments, heat and air conditioning, and GPS system. Make sure to verify these factors before making a purchase.


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