The Safest Used Vehicles for Teenage Drivers

Though parents mostly deny it, teenage drivers are at greater risk of having an accident than all other road users, irrespective of whether their car is used or new, cheap or costly. IIHS research verifies that they are more probable to have the most dangerous form of transportation than all other drivers. Luckily, the same body in a new study re-evaluated affordable, safe, used vehicle options for teenage drivers, and grew its former list by over 50% in the process using just the safety and price criteria. Here are the safest used vehicles that are recommended for teenage drivers.

Toyota Tundra 2007+

While some people might feel Tundra is too costly for most parents, used models that date back to 2007 feature the stability controls that are required by teenage drivers, and solid, universal crash ratings. All things from side impact scores and little overlap crashes, to seat construction, head restraints, and roof resilience scored high during safety testing. And it’s a lot of a truck at its $12,200 average price range, especially if you plan on your teens transporting themselves from the house once they begin college.

Kia Sorento 2011+

At about $12,300 on the average, doling out more than 10,000 for a used Kia might appear to be a bad deal, but when you consider that they feature every type of safety and tech, and are remarkably high-quality, you will see why they turned out in IIHS list of the safest used vehicles for teenage drivers. Featuring either two or three seat rows, it’s an excellent used vehicle option if you are blessed with younger children and desire the eldest to go and pick them and your neighbor’s kids from anywhere.

Honda Accord 2012+

Safety is among the reasons why several experts have remained devoted to Honda Accord for too long. You must naturally check for recalls when purchasing any of the listed used vehicles. You should ensure that you go with this option since its airbags are not part of the complete Takata debacle. While both the coupe and sedan models of the admired vehicle got solid scores, the 2013 onwards four-door model is a leading recommendation, since it was given a perfect score in all categories, small overlap included.

Ford Explorer 2011+

There is a whole lot that home hits with all parents concerning the Ford Explorer even as a used vehicle. Part of it is certainly its prolonged reputation of being one among core SUVs for average families and their teenage drivers. So, whenever your kid begins to ask you for the car keys, never hesitate to hand over your 5-year old Ford Explorer. This is as though you might have paid the full price to buy it in 2011 it certainly must have paid for itself by the peace of mind it must have offered whenever your teenage driver kids wanted to go out on the town on Friday nights. This used vehicle option certainly embodies peace of mind.

That most parents do not trust giving their kids a new, costly vehicle makes them buy the cheapest old car they can find and give them. What they possibly fail to understand is that they are compromising their safety in doing so. Buying any of these used vehicles will ensure that you ensure the safety of any teenage drivers you have in your home. Prior to this, teach them to drive safe.


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