Why You Should Take Photos When Repairing a Salvage Car

One of the best things that you can do after purchasing a salvage car is to take numerous photos of the repair process as it progresses. Read on and learn some of the key benefits that you will enjoy once you take before and after photographs of the repair process.

Easing the Inspection Process

Most salvage cars are not allowed to be driven from the location where they have been purchased. Instead, the car has to be towed or placed on a car carrier for transportation to the destination (repair shop, for example). This restriction is often because the vehicle has damage that may make it a hazard to the driver and other road users.

The salvage car can only be allowed onto the road once it has been repaired and passed inspection. Taking photos of the repair process can make it easier and faster for that vehicle to receive its inspection clearance. This is because the inspector will easily know which components were damaged and what you did to restore those damaged components.

Addressing Insurer Concerns

Some insurance companies may be reluctant to insure a salvage title car because it is hard for them to determine the true value of that vehicle after it has been rebuilt/repaired. Having before and after photos of the repair process may make it easier for you to convince your insurer to sell you a policy because you will have proof that the affected components have been restored to an acceptable condition.

Increasing the Resale Value

You may also find it easier to sell that salvage car if you ever want to sell it. The photos can show that the damage documented in the vehicle condition report was fixed. For example, the damage report may indicate that the radiator was severely damaged during a crash. Photos of you installing a brand new radiator can put the fears of the potential buyer to rest because it will be clear to him or her that you restored each of the damaged parts. Spare part purchase receipts can make your argument stronger if you keep them in the file containing the photos of the repair process.

Reduces Documentation

Different jurisdictions have different requirements about the documentation that a buyer of a salvage car should prepare when he or she is repairing the vehicle so that it can be inspected and allowed on the roads in that jurisdiction. Photographs of the repair process can help you to reduce how much you write as you describe the damage and the attendant repairs. For instance, you can use a few descriptive words (severe damage, for example) when writing about the damaged car body if you will attach a photo to show the degree of damage. This can save you from having to write numerous paragraphs about the damage. You will therefore be saving time because you require less time to take photos when compared to the time needed to write detailed descriptions.

As you can see, photos of the repairs to the salvage car can serve numerous purposes. It is therefore wise for you to take several photos of each step of the repair process. Ask someone for help in case you are conducting the repairs yourself. That person will ensure that no phase of the repair process is not captured on camera.




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